Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catch up on sewing

I've been participating in the "2013: Style the Stash" effort, and seem to be combining that with an effort to use more patterns I already have, focussing on the Tilton sister's patterns.  here are some recent examples:

This is Vogue 8813, by Marcy Tilton.  Love this green linen, which I bought last year at a  quilting store in Oregon. Elegant, cool and comfy.

This is Butterick 5881, a recent dress pattern by Katherine Tilton.  The blue linen was purchased last summer here in SLC:  I imagined myself making all kinds of linen skirts at the time... a lot of my stash seems to come from imaginary projects ;)

And this is Vogue 8876, a M Tilton dress.  Love this one, a flowered cotton that is probably 4-5 years old. I made this one before I really grasped my personal sizing issues with these patterns, so it's a bit big on top. I've been wearing it with a tee shirt, and it looks great!

A new shirt/blouse is also in the works.....


  1. Yes, imaginary projects that never happen seems to be something we all do. I do like these dresses - it's nice to see them made up. The green and blue are my favourite - they are casual and relaxed but still stylish.

  2. I am loving what you are making! The linens look so cool and comfy.
    I also made the third dress, as you know. It is super comfy to wear, but my husband is VERY cool to the dress. I have added a belt at times, to give some shape. I really don't dress for him, but it does take a bit of the sparkle away to not get a compliment. Spoiled some? yes :-)

    Isn't the stash busting helping with pattern usage too? I haven't bought much of anything! I am enjoying all the fabric and patterns I have now. Do you have a pattern and fabric for the blouse?

  3. Yes, and I have to thank you again for the inspiration about the flowered fabric, I don't think it would otherwise have occurred to me. I have quite a lot of shirting fabric, and will use that for the blouse. the pattern will be another Tilton pattern, but I can't find it (the number) on the site right now; it has an exposed selvedge edge along the collar that I think is an interesting detail, and the upper back is cut on the bias.

  4. ok, the shirt will be Vogue 8709, I couldn't find it because I am thinking of it as a blouse, but Vogue considers it a jacket.....

  5. Thanks for your nice comment on my contest entry! I can see we both love the Tilton sisters. Nice job and glad I found your blog!

    1. you are welcome.. love your sewing!